Ya3. Your Questions Answered

How do I start using Ya3?

Simply download our App from the App Store, and follow the prompts when setting up your profile. It’s quick and easy to complete, so you can start importing your trips faster than ever!

Is Ya3 available on Android?

The current app is built for iOS users only, however our team has big plans though and you can expect an Android update to follow.

I noticed your information is out-of-date?

While our team strives to include every piece of possible information about an airport in our app, we’re still an early-stage startup and are working hard to compile data on tens of thousands of businesses. If you’ve seen something that’s wrong or needs a quick update, send us the details and we’ll get it fixed.

What Airports are available?

Currently we are working to compile information on 20 key Airports in both India and the United States. There will be plenty more to follow in the upcoming weeks and months.