Order online at Airports with us. (Soon)

You may have seen that friendly floating chat icon on the bottom right. Yes, the smiley purple one. When we put it there, we wondered what kind of queries users would ask us.

Our users used it a lot. Many would ask about lost and found, how to catch the sky train and if one can claim the VAT refund at the airport and so on. But most, in fact – 97% of all queries, would ask about the location of shops, if they sell the product they are looking for and if they can book it online.

Some queries we received in the last few days.

We have since started working on enabling online ordering with top retailers at a few airports. Users can book porter service, buy souvenirs, reserve an iPhone and so on. Excited? We are. We are hoping to launch this feature for across a few airports in December.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts.