Come and meet the Ya3 team at this year’s Web Summit.

This year we’ve been hard at work on our new startup. So much so, that this is the first conference we’ll be attending, to introduce the Ya3 app to the world.

Ya3 is a combination trip planner and airport organizer, with a twist.

We use artificial intelligence to learn about our users, which means we can provide better information than any other travel app. You get personalized recommendations, exactly when you need them at the airport.

Because everyone loves to travel. But not everyone loves the unexpected surprises that crop up when you’re travelling. Our goal is to make travel hassle-free. And we’re making big progress towards this.

Our app is already live, we’re working on the web-app now, and the android version will be out in the coming months.

Santosh Achari, Travis Bennett & Srinivasan Rangarajalu

Our team is happy to be part of this year’s Web Summit.

You can meet Santosh. He’s the tech guy. Oh, and CEO. After building and selling an award-winning tech platform for restaurants, he’s tackling this new challenge in the travel industry to build a better solution for travellers.

Travis too. He’s the sales and marketing guy. After starting a digital agency in Bangkok, he wanted to help scale Ya3 scale to reach tens of millions of users.

Though we did have to leave Srini at the office. Someone needs to hold the fort, and ensure our milestones are still being hit while we’re on the road. As COO, he happily stepped up to keep the team running smooth.

We’ll be around for the entire week. So, drop by our stall, say hello, and learn a little about this app we believe is going to change how people travel. If you would like to schedule a meeting, drop us an email at

It’s time to travel smarter.