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The right way to travel with your kids

Forget Snakes on a Plane. Toddlers are the real terror. Or let me rephrase that. Without planning ahead, that easy flight you were planning on taking with your kids becomes a full-fledged nightmare. You see, kids need a little more entertainment than a magazine from the seat pocket and a miniature-meal from the airline. To […]

Ya3 has big plans for the travel industry

Traveling is awesome. Ask anyone if they like traveling, and you’ll get a resounding yes. Travel lets you escape from your daily life. You get to change things up, see new sights, discover new and exciting places, meet wonderful new people. Oh and the food. Don’t get me started. But there’s a dark side. Behind […]

A frequent flyer’s tricks for beating jetlag

Jet lag is a real trouble maker. The first time I visited the United States, it was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon when I simply gave out, and ended up napping on a friends couch for a few hours, as my body thought I was still in Thailand. And that it was 3am. It […]

Make the most of your next long-haul flight

I’ve been through hundreds of airports and it never fails to surprise me just how stressed everyone looks when they travel. There’s the businessman frowning as he jogs past to catch his flight, or the parents having a meltdown as their three screaming kids run wild through the crowds. People just aren’t having fun anymore. […]

10 tips for speeding through the airport

I actually like spending time at airports. It’s fun to people watch, the shopping is great, and there’s just so much going on all around you, it’s just exciting. A few years back I went through a point in my life where I was flying somewhere different, every two weeks, for the better part of […]